Black Hogg

Yesterday some boutique business brought me to Silverlake. Since I was already there I decided to have dinner at Black Hogg. Image

The space is pretty small and has very simple line and decor to it. After scanning the menu we decided to order a few small plates to share.

ImageFirst up, roasted cauliflower with potatoes. It has an Indian food flare to it, lots of spice.Image

Then their famous popcorn bacon. As I take a bite into the yummy I can taste the sweetness of maple syrup with a touch of savory flavor from the bacon. I love bacon before and love it even more now!


Next up, chicken liver on toast. The dish is slightly spicy and defiantly for the more adventurous foodie. My dinning companion does not like unfamiliar food, took one bite and let me chow down the rest.


This is another dish that I enjoy tonight. Wild mushroom on brioche, the blend of mushroom cooked to perfection. The savory taste again is a wonderful combination to the brioche bread. I had some left over and added a sunny-side top this morning for breakfast and it is still yummy!

ImageOf course we saved room for desert. We ordered the bread pudding. It is so YUM! Perfect sweetness with a touch of cinnamon. It was the perfect ending to the ending.