Chemical Peel Exeprience

I am not a product junkie but I am always on the quest for perfect skin.  Since I was a teenager I have been battling with acne and it had left some mark on my skin.  As I grow older, fine lines started creeping on my forehead as well.  About a year ago one of my good friend tried chemical peel and as a result her skin was glowing!  After seeing her results I decided to give it a shot as well.

I promptly made an appointment with my dermatologist and went over my options.  I decided to start off with the lightest fruit peel at 20% because I have pretty sensitive skin.  Since chemical peel is considered “lunch time” cosmetic procedure the doctor said there would be little to no downtime.

On the appointment date I showed up at the office with clean face, and waited for the doctor.  The doctor came in and cleaned my face with some rubbing alcohol.  Because I started a new regime just before than my skin started to feel slightly irritated.  The doctor than apply the solution over my face multiple times.  He gave me a small electric fan to blow on my face to ease the irritation, however, because my skin was turning really red he neutralized the solution after 3 minutes.  Afterwards, he handed me a mirror and point out some white patches on my face.  He told me usually people don’t get those white patches unless they are doing a deeper peel.  So I guess I was getting more than what I signed up for!  The first day was awful! My face was red and burning the entire day so the “lunch time” recovery time did not apply to me.  The second day my face wasn’t red anymore but is full of brown scar patches… It was not pretty.  I hid at home for the next 4 days… But, as the brown patches falls off, my new skin was so soft and glowing! Discoloration has always been a concern and it is not a problem anymore! My face looked glowing!! AND, the scar appears to be lighter!

I was so please with the result I went in for a second peel a month later.  The doctor used the same strength as last time, however, I did not have as severe reaction as the first time!  All the scaring fell off withing 2 days of time and I am more than pleased with the result.  The only thing was my skin was so dry even after 2 weeks my skin still lifted when getting my eyebrow wax.  Needless to say, I couldn’t get my eyebrows done at that time.

After my 2 rounds of chemical peel I have to say I really LOVE the result! It’s relative affordable and the result is great.  Here are some things that I’d look out for before scheduling an appointment:

1.  Go to a dermatologist office.   There are spas that can perform this procedure, but I wouldn’t trust it.  During my first visit my face felt like it was on fire, but because the doctor stayed with me the whole time until it calmed down it made me feel so much better.

2.  Let the dermatologist know the condition of your skin.  If you have super sensitive skin it’s probably better to use a lighter peel the first time.

3.  Don’t do it right before an important function.  My first time getting the peel took a whole week to completely recover, and during the week even make up wouldn’t cover the scaring.